Raon, A Haven for Cheap Electronics

Raon’s Cheap Electronics Bargain

If you’re the type of person who can’t get enough of gadgets or if you’re simply searching for a rare electronic spare parts, then Raon, Manila is your kind of place. Raon has almost every electronic part you could think of, not surprising as it is almost at the heart of the country’s capital.

The shop throughout Raon sells gadgets like various CD Players, DVD players, Portable Media Players, LCD screens, TVs, Computer parts, Speakers and other electronic spare parts.

Raon is a goldmine especially for Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts. I have been contemplating to build my own guitar amplifier and the electronics I need sell for cheap at Raon shops.

Guidelines on Buying Cheap Gadgets

  • Since Raon is like a electronic supermarket you must expect a bustling crowd.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Be alert and guard your personal belongings.
  • Know exactly what you’re looking for. Write a list in detail of what you plan to buy.
  • Weigh Quality and Price wisely. Cheap, non-brand name electronics may work just as well.
  • Avoid bad deals. If a certain gadget or product promises things that are to good to be true, then they just might be.
  • Manage time and use it wisely. It’s easy to lose track of time browsing a ton of gadgets.
  • Bundled packages may be the best offer depending on what you need.
  • If possible, go for gadgets and electronics with a product warranty.
  • Don’t forget to haggle the prices. You just might get lucky.
  • It’s always wise to ask for a receipt.

Raon Electronics

Where to find Raon.

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