Philippine Dragon Boat Team wins Gold

Philippine dragon boat team

Dragon Boat Team Gets Gold

The Philippine Dragon Boat Team once again wins the gold in the men’s International Open Small Boat 800-meter event in Sumatra, Indonesia. The competition was joined by more than 20 countries.

The Philippine Team blazes against 15 opponents including Southeast Asian champions like Indonesia, Myanmar, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau and Australia.

Two members of Philippine Army were forced to act as soldier-athletes and competed in the preliminary round joining the original eight members at the competition. The 2 original members of the Dragon Boat Team had their flight delayed. Even with this handicapped, the Philippine Team managed to win 2nd place which ensured their place in the semifinals.

Once the original team was whole again, they managed to easily win the semifinals and it was smooth sailing up to the Championships. The team won the finals with the best recorded time bringing national pride to the Philippines once again.

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