Boracay Beach, Palawan

There are probably no other beach resorts in Philippines that enjoys such celebrity status as the world famous Boracay Beach. Where is Boracay I used to think that Boracay was a beach located on the shores of palawan. This is a common misconception (or maybe just mine). Boracay is really an island that is located…← continue reading →

8 Waves Waterpark

If you are somewhere in Manila or central Luzon, don’t miss the chance to visit the 8 Waves Waterpark. The acclaimed resort is about an hour and a half away from Manila. The water park resort takes its name from its gigantic wave pool measuring at almost 3,000 sq. meters, making it the largest wave…← continue reading →

Visit the Philippine National Museum

The Philippine Museum The National Museum of the Philippines is the country’s official and foremost repository of Philippine History. The museum was established way back in 1901. The main building of the museum, known as Old Congress Building, was designed by Daniel Burnham, a renowned American architect who planned and designed the beautiful City of…← continue reading →

Davao’s Pearl Farm Beach

The Pearl Farm Beach Resort is one of the most prestigious beach resorts found around Davao City. It is located on a quiet and secluded island called Samal which is about 60 minutes away from mainland Davao. This ensures that vacationers will enjoy a relaxing and peaceful outing away from the noisy crowd of nearby…← continue reading →

A Philippine Vacation

Philippine Vacation Why go for a Philippine vacation? We go to work almost every day of our lives. We never stop from worrying what if we lose our jobs and end up messing our future, our family’s needs, our kid’s education expenses and things like that. We almost forgot that we as human beings, we…← continue reading →

Baguio City, The Summer Capital

When visiting the Philippines, one major issue most foreigners face is the hot weather. This is especially true for tourists originating from cold countries like the United States, Canada and Russia. In addition to this, the majority of visitors arrive during the summer season. For those who find it hard to adjust to the climate…← continue reading →