Banana Cue, a Filipino Snack

sweet banana cueBanana Cue, a familiar fruit made into a delicious and healthy snack. A piece of banana can be an excellent source of energy. It’s a popular sustenance for those who work out in a gym and want to lose some weight.

Adding to the nutrients a banana possesses is the sugar needed to make banana cue. The sugar is an additional source of energy. It’s a fruit but it is also a candy.

Go Bananas for Bananas

Because a banana cue will incorporate some kind of sweetener, a bland type of banana is most suitable. An already sweet variety of banana might not be the best as the end product will be too sweet. Balance is the key.

Saba – This is a variety of banana whose flavour and sweetness is very bland. They are a type of Plantain bananas. This is not really a prized variety in the world of bananas which is why it is very cheap. These factors make it a good candidate for banana cue material. This banana variety is also very resilient to common banana pests and diseases so it is a good and productive backyard tree (they are actually a type of grass).

Banana Sweetener

If you have no fancy sweetener available then your average white sugar will do just fine. But to get that unique banana candy taste, you will need to find brown sugar. This is the unrefined form of sugar made from sugar cane syrup.

  • First, heat the frying pan and add a good amount of cooking oil deep enough to submerged half the width of the banana. Peel the bananas and drop them in when the oil is hot enough.
  • When the bananas appear to soften, this indicates that it is time to add some sugar. Add gradually.
  • Keep on turning the bananas on its side to thoroughly coat it in the melted sugar.
  • The bananas are done when the sugar coating is the right color, dark brown.
  • Remove the bananas from the frying pan and let them cool. The sugar coating will harden and your banana cues are done.

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